Here’s a look back at iTradeNetwork’s top 5, most viewed blog posts from 2016.

1. Fulfilling the Promise of Fresh by Improving Food Lifecycle Management
By Craig Ledo
Consumers’ insatiable demand for a wide variety of high-quality local, organic, and sustainable products has led to fragmentation of today’s food supply chain. This is providing retailers with an unprecedented challenge: the Challenge of Fresh. Consumers expect a diverse array of high-quality fresh products — fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, floral, and more — to be available to them in the store in every season.

2. Don’t Let Fresh Go To Waste
By Matt Rawlings
Europe’s war on waste is growing in momentum. On the continent, we are throwing away 100 million tonnes of food every year and the food we waste the most is fresh fruit and vegetables. To stem the flow, campaigners are calling for more laws to minimise waste. Already this year, France became the first country to ban supermarkets from throwing away unsold food. In Italy, they’ve passed new laws to encourage all supermarkets to give unsold food to charity, while a charity in Denmark has opened the country’s first-ever surplus food supermarket, Wefood.

3. Do we really waste this much food? Food waste, say it ain’t so!
By Ray Connelly
I’ve been following food waste statistics from the USDA and a few other sources for a while. The data is a bit ugly and maybe even controversial. And while I hope it’s not true, our farm to fork supply chain, as efficient as we think it might be, harbors significant losses due to shrink.

4. Food Safety and the Supply Chain – 5 Key Drivers for Getting it Right
By Matt Rawlings
As food retailers and operators deal with an increasingly global food supply chain – keeping tabs on where your food is coming from has never been more crucial. If you are a small grocery chain or a large supermarket brand, chances are you’re managing 30-40,000 different products from all corners of the globe and 20 per cent of that produce will be fresh. Whether its runner beans from Kenya or tomatoes from Spain, delivering safe and fresh produce brings a whole new set of challenges to how you manage your supply chain.

5. Don’t bruise your brand – Why fresh needs to work to maintain brand loyalty
By Julie Cumberland
Furry strawberries? Hard avocados? Slimy lettuce? When your food’s not fresh, it’s not just the customer’s stomach that loses out – your business reputation takes a hit too. Poor quality and immature fruit are one of the biggest reasons for turning off customers. According to research company Nielsen, one in five shoppers would switch brands because of poor quality.