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iTradeNetwork and Dot Foods Partner on Traceability

Largest food redistributor in the United States simplifies electronic transmission of traceability data over iTradeNetwork’s global food and beverage network. PLEASANTON, CA (October 21, 2014) – iTradeNetwork, Inc., the leading provider of global supply chain solutions for the food industry, today announced the completion of a supply chain traceability project for Dot Foods, Inc., the largest food redistributor in the United States. The project leverages iTradeNetwork’s ability to capture, cleanse and transmit information electronically from food and beverage suppliers through every stage of the supply chain. The Dot Foods traceability solution takes data from the standard GS1-128 pallet label and…

iTradeNetwork, Inc. Introduces Cost-Effective Online Collaboration Platform for Food Service Supply Chains

PLEASANTON, CA – June 19, 2014 – iTradeNetwork today announced a new supply chain solution, Web-Based Transaction Module (WBTM) for its Branded Procurement solution that provides a cost effective online collaboration platform. The modulehas beenspecifically designed by for food and beverage suppliers without electronically enabled back office transactional systems. WBTM integrates seamlessly with iTradeNetwork’s popular Branded Procurement solution, used by major restaurant chain operators, facility management services providers and distributors, to streamline and simplify the order process across their global locations.

Dairy Queen System Selects iTradeNetwork to Help Drive Adoption and Implementation of GDSN Standards

PLEASANTON, CA – June 9, 2014 – iTradeNetwork, Inc. today announced that Unified Supply Chain, Inc. (USCI), the supply chain subsidiary of International Dairy Queen, Inc. (IDQ) has agreed to adopt GS1 GDSN data standards and utilize iTradeNetwork’s Certified GDSN Data Pool to share accurate and timely product information across their U.S. supply chain. This announcement represents another major advance forward for the global adoption of GDSN data standards for improving the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally.

iTradeNetwork is not affected by Heartbleed

In conjunction with our vendors and noted security companies Qualys and Direct Defense, all services provided by iTradeNetwork have tested clean with respect to the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL bug. We will continue to monitor the situation for any changes in scope.

The Enhanced Billback Solution At Work: an Ocean Spray Case Study

“iTradeNetwork’s Enhanced Billback Module helps us to simplify and automate our most unwieldy financial processes with a simple, cost-saving solution,” said Brad Dowie, trade marketing manager, Ocean Spray. “We now process rebate claims with better accuracy and in less than half the time than previously possible. This helps us to improve customer satisfaction while also having a positive impact on our bottom line.”