The Customer Support Team email address will be closed effective August 31st 2019.

All cases after this time need to be submitted through the iTradeNetwork Community Portal.

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iTrade Network
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Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: (925) 660-1100

Customer Support

For all FoodLink solutions – PTI, Item, Warehouse Management Solutions, Fresh or Commerce::

Phone: (925) 660 – 1111

Hours: M-F 6am – 5pm PDT

For CMS, QMS, IPW, Spend Management, Trade Spend, Inventory, and Query Plus:

Phone: (925) 660 – 1360

Hours: M-F 6am – 5pm PDT

For Access and Branded Procurement:

Phone: (925) 660 – 1336

Hours: M-F 6am – 5pm PDT