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Ensure food safety and compliance on the industry’s leading food traceability software.

It's Time to Make Traceability a Natural Extension of Your Supply Chain

As regulations become more stringent and consumers’ desire for transparency grows, making traceability a part of your supply chain operations is a no-brainer.

Easily comply with fresh produce traceability mandates, improve internal and external traceability programs, and quickly respond to food safety issues with iTracefresh, the leading food traceability software. With iTrade’s item, case, load-level and ASN traceability solutions, get full supply chain trace-forward and trace-back capabilities.

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Field Load

Lack of visibility into inbound product from the field effects sales and slows outbound shipments. iTrade’s Load solution (formerly known as WMS) provides shippers and importers with real-time visibility into packing operations and fresh, inbound inventory.

Gain Real Time Visibility

iTrade Field Load enables field operations to send inbound inventory notifications, even before fresh product reaches the warehouse. Trucks and inbound shipments can be tracked in real-time, marking cut-to-cool times and in-transit shipment waypoints. Our in-transit smartphone application allows for product and loads to be tracked while en route by any driver.

Extend Fresh Inventory Visibility to Remote Packing and Harvest Operations

In the field, iTrade Field Load can replace or supplement manual field tickets with real-time electronic records. Once product is harvested, sales and operations teams can monitor field events in real-time through a shared online dashboard. Early inventory visibility allows product managers to prioritize and place field orders for specialty products, while keeping outbound shipments on schedule.

In addition to monitoring remote activity, iTrade Field Load captures all Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and includes PTI traceability compliance from the very beginning of the fresh supply chain. Access to increased data facilitates unloading, optimizes inventory movement and provides advanced data to appointment loading systems, allowing inventory managers to unload trucks faster, reduce essential cut-to-cool times and streamline the inbound receiving process.


  • “iTrade [Field Load] helps our warehouse match priorities with our field operations team to get the freshest product into the cooler and out to the loading dock on time.”

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