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Food Traceability Software

Ensure food safety and compliance on the industry’s leading food traceability software.

It's Time to Make Traceability a Natural Extension of Your Supply Chain

With seamless integration across iTrade’s Solution Suite, comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and gain critical visibility across your perishables supply chain, from farm to fork. With iTrade’s item, case, load-level and ASN traceability solutions, you’ll achieve full supply chain trace-forward and trace-back capabilities.

Markets served
  • Growers & Shippers

  • Manufacturers

  • Logistics Providers

  • Distributors

  • Retailers

  • Operators


In addition to retailers demanding better traceability data, today’s shopper desires more product transparency than ever before. Grow brand recognition and engage the consumer directly at the shelf by delivering farm-to-fork visibility, marketing promotions, and more.

Engage Consumers At The Shelf

Engaging consumers at the store shelf enables suppliers to build powerful connections directly with consumers. Item is the only traceability solution for individual products or packages that links the first and last mile of the supply chain, boosting shopper confidence by providing greater transparency and accuracy in tracking fresh food, and allowing shoppers to reward brands with loyalty and preference.

Item’s unique, encrypted identification numbers can be applied to individual products or pre-printed onto a variety of packaging options. Each label contains specific data related to product safety; quality and traceability (grower, lot, country-of-origin), plus targeted marketing content, including product surveys, coupons, nutritional information, recipes, promotions and more.

Consumers can use any smartphone to scan a label while they shop, influencing their buying decisions or enter a unique product code into iTrade’s Track My Food website. Messaging can be directed toward any audience, about any product, from any location to drive traffic to your brand’s website.

Meet the Farmer

Engage with your customers directly with information about your product’s growing location and quality. One scan takes customers to an iTrade-hosted landing page or to any location of your choice.

  • “We actually work with the consumer to resolve issues with purchases. Instead of the consumer being upset about a quality issue or object in their container, we use that data gained from them and let them know that because of the code we can take their issue straight back to the farm to share with farmers and their employees to resolve issues.”
  • "I believe it encourages retailers and customer confidence in our ability to produce a healthy, quality product and that RB is continuously striving to be at the forefront of the industry in food safety, quality and production transparency."
    Michelle Deleissegues
    Marketing Director, Red Blossom
  • “iTrade Item allows us to get valuable information to consumers cost efficiently.”
    Lucky Westwood
    VP of Operations, California Giant Berry Farms

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