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iTrade Blockchain

The first homegrown blockchain solution for the food and beverage industry

With 20 years of experience managing the challenge of fresh for all types of participants in the perishables supply chain, iTrade Blockchain is poised and ready to solve all of your food safety needs. Working with our network of thousands of grower/shippers, food manufacturers, distributors, operators, retailers, and logistics providers, our extremely deep perishables data lake forms the foundation of our blockchain. Supply chain management in the food and beverage industry can be tricky, but iTrade Blockchain is here to give you piece of mind about food safety, so you can spend less time worrying about tracking your food and more time improving your top and bottom lines.

For Food and Beverage, by Food and Beverage

Remove the need for 3rd party data integrators — we capture the data at the source and write it directly to the blockchain, simplifying your food supply chain management systems.

Designed for Interoperability

Built on Hyperledger Fabric, iTrade Blockchain is built to share data across blockchains so you can interact with every food and beverage supply chain participant without issues.

"Fresh is the wedge that the most successful food retailers are driving between themselves and the competition to attract and retain customers"

(Oliver Wyman Company)