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Standardize Quality Inspections Across Your Receiving Warehouses

Do you know which of your suppliers gives you the best produce? What about fruit? Is your produce on the West coast the same quality as that on the East coast?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “I think so” or “I don’t know” then iTradeFresh is the product for you. In a time where perishables comprise over half of total grocery spending, having consistently fresh produce not only protects your brand, but also drives sales and customer retention. In order to guarantee your produce is fresher then that of your competitors, visibility into your perishables quality inspection processes is imperative. iTradeFresh does more then simply remove the pen and paper from produce inspections, it allows you to uncover insights in your supply chain operations you never knew where there, and act on them real time.


With iTrade’s best in class quality inspection software, see which suppliers are delivering you the best produce, fruit, meat, and seafood.


iTradeFresh gives you real time notifications when incoming product doesn’t pass your standardized warehouse quality inspection, and allows you to quickly act and update your supply chain processes.


iTradeFresh has built in USDA standards, but these quality inspection standards are fully customizable allowing you to source the quality product that best serves your needs.

Quality Assurance

iTradeFresh removes the inconsistencies in the qa process by standardizing your produce inspections across your warehouses, ensuring that the perishables on your shelves in California are as fresh as the perishables on your shelves in Massachusetts.

"iTradeFresh has made us much more consistent, much more efficient, and its given us better information than we've ever seen in the past."

Tim Graas

Executive Director of Produce Field Procurement, AWG