iTradeNetwork Support and Service Levels

1. Technical Support. If Customer has set up its own internal support desk, then Customer agrees that the first (1st) line support for its users shall be handled by such internal support desk. If this first line of support is unable to resolve the issue(s), Customer may contact iTradeNetwork Support. iTradeNetwork provides technical support for the iTradeNetwork Solutions during its regular business hours as stated below and emergency support twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week. Technical support will be provided via the iTradeNetwork Salesforce Community Portal (“Portal”) and, for Severity Level 1 or 2 issues only, via the Support phone number below. The telephone number for iTradeNetwork Emergency Support and core business hours, excluding iTradeNetwork holidays, is posted on the web site (the “Site”) and as of the Effective Date are as follows:

All Solutions:

Salesforce Community Portal: /login 

(Customer will need a login prior to accessing the portal)

iTradeNetwork web site

Support phone number: (925) 660-1111 (SEVERITY  LEVEL 1 OR 2 ISSUES ONLY)

6:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time Monday-Friday, after hours’ emergency support* is provided 24 X 7.

Note: All Severity Level 1 and 2 cases must be reported via telephone to insure immediate attention. The above phone number is also used for after-hours emergency* support.

* Emergency support is a Severity Level 1 or 2 issue as defined in the table below.

Customer is responsible for providing the name(s) of its Customer Support Administrator(s) to manage Customer’s end-user accounts required for access to iTradeNetwork Solutions.  Initial set up will be done by the iTradeNetwork Onboarding team.  If supported by the iTradeNetwork Solution, Customer is responsible for managing its end-user accounts. This includes setting up new end users, terminating end users, and password management.  The Customer Support Administrator(s) is also responsible for managing end users access to the Salesforce Community Portal.  This includes approving additions, reviewing access on a periodic basis, and notifying iTradeNetwork Support when an end user is no longer active.

If Customer wishes to initiate a support request, Customer must initiate contact with iTradeNetwork Support through the Portal; provided however, if it is a Severity Level 1 or 2 issue    by calling the Support phone number listed above.  iTradeNetwork Support will provide technical support according to the response times below. Once a support request has been received through the Portal and after Customer has provided iTradeNetwork with all information iTradeNetwork has requested, the support analyst handling the case will acknowledge receipt through case comments and respond within the Targeted Response Time (“TRT”) listed in the table below. Targeted Response Time means the maximum allowed time to acknowledge the receipt of a support request and initiate the resolution process. TRT does not define the time that is required to reach a final resolution of the issue, as the time required to reach final resolution is strongly dependent on the complexity of the issue. iTradeNetwork Support shall use its best efforts to resolve critical issues promptly and non-critical issues within a reasonable time. Customer agrees to cooperate with iTradeNetwork as necessary to assist iTradeNetwork in its resolution of the support issue. iTradeNetwork will reasonably collaborate with Customer to set priorities that take into consideration Customer’s business needs and based on iTradeNetwork’s business judgment as to the severity of any support incidents.

iTradeNetwork Support will communicate with Customer Support Administrator(s) per the following severity levels:

Severity Definitions & Details

Severity Levels

Technical Support Issue Definitions

Targeted Response Time

Follow on Updates

Targeted Closure/Resolution

Level 1 – Critical

Critical production issue affecting Customer, causing system unavailability and/or data integrity issues; no workaround available.

15 minutes

Every 30 minutes

Restoration of service ASAP but not greater than 4 hours; if the application cannot be restored then the code-red team will determine next steps.

Level 2 – Urgent

Production issue impacting system operations or significantly degrading performance. Issue is persistent and affects many customers and/or major functionality. No reasonable workaround is available.

1 hour

Every 30 minutes

Restoration of service ASAP but not greater than 8 hours; if the application cannot be restored then the code-red team will determine next steps.

Level 3 – Medium

A limited non-critical problem that is occurring with the production system but most functionality remains usable. Short-term workaround is available, but not scalable.

4 business hours

Within 24 hours

Provide or advise on resolution or workaround within 24 hours. If no resolution, estimate resolution pathway within 5 business days. Resolution may be dependent on a scheduled future release.

Level 4 – Low/Inquiry

Incident that has a minimal impact on business operations or basic functionality of the service. An inquiry regarding a routine technical issue or information on application capabilities, navigation installation or configuration.

24 business hours

10 Business Days

Provide or advise on resolution or workaround within 10 business days. Resolution may be dependent on a scheduled future release.

  The above TRT and Targeted Resolution goals are internal measurements for iTradeNetwork and may be modified from time to time as business requirements change. iTradeNetwork shall provide notice to Customer of any such modifications. iTradeNetwork will provide a Root Cause Analysis (“RCA”) for all Severity 1 and Severity 2 cases within five (5) business days from resolution, provided, however, the root cause was related to an iTradeNetwork Solution.

 All support cases must be related to an iTradeNetwork Solution or iTradeNetwork Professional Services and be submitted by Customer and not by Customer’s distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, or other third parties. iTradeNetwork Support does not include support for any third-party software or hardware including any mobile devices. iTradeNetwork Support will spend time investigating and/or resolving iTradeNetwork Solution issues that pertain to the live production environment only. iTradeNetwork Support will not provide support for the test environment. Customer shall pay iTradeNetwork according to iTradeNetwork’s then-current standard hourly rates (as of the date of this SLA, the rate is $300/hour).  A four-hour minimum shall apply for iTradeNetwork Support that does not relate to the iTradeNetwork Solution as it was delivered; provided, however, iTradeNetwork shall not charge such fees without prior notification to Customer. Prior to submitting a support request to iTradeNetwork Support pursuant to the Agreement, Customer should make a general determination whether the problem is caused by the iTradeNetwork Solution or iTradeNetwork Professional Services. Customer will provide named support personnel to iTradeNetwork for access to the Portal. iTradeNetwork will provide a support document to Customer which will include escalation paths, and points of contact for Customer issues. Customer will supply one email “alias” and maintain the distribution list for the alias. This email address will be used for all support communications such as notifications of upcoming releases, scheduled maintenance, or outage notifications and updates.

2. Downtime. The iTradeNetwork Solution as it pertains to the discussion of availability, downtime and maintenance is defined as the servers, software and network that are under the reasonable control of iTradeNetwork. This definition explicitly excludes any servers, software or network that is not under the control of iTradeNetwork, including but not limited to Customers’ computing and network resources, the internet, point-to-point connections, printers and mobile devices. This definition also explicitly excludes ancillary services including, but not limited to, email notification, event notification and report processing. Customer is aware that scheduled maintenance, unforeseen downtime and unscheduled remedial maintenance of equipment, software and Internet access may interrupt Customer’s access to the website, the iTradeNetwork Solution and/or the iTradeNetwork Subscription Services. iTradeNetwork publishes its annual release calendar before the start of each calendar year.  The release calendar is emailed to customers and is posted on the iTradeNetwork website.  iTradeNetwork Support will provide advance notice of all scheduled downtime with at least seven (7) days’ advance notice. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide at least three (3) business days’ prior notice and included reasons for any unscheduled/emergency downtime; provided, however, if iTradeNetwork determines that any issue requires a shorter prior notice period or an immediate suspension of the iTradeNetwork Solution, customers will be promptly informed of the suspension of the service, the reasons, the expected duration and the measures to be taken to remedy the problem.  iTradeNetwork agrees to make every reasonable effort to minimize the duration and impact of any such occurrences on Customer’s access to or use of the Site, iTradeNetwork Solution and/or iTradeNetwork Professional Services.

3. Exclusions. iTradeNetwork agrees to make access to the Site available to Customer via the Internet. Customer acknowledges that it is responsible for acquiring access to the Internet in order to access the Site and the iTradeNetwork Solution in this manner, and that problems with the Internet, including equipment, devices, software or network failures, impairments or congestion, may prevent, interrupt or delay Customer’s access to the Site and the iTradeNetwork Solution. In respect of its use of the iTradeNetwork Solution, Customer shall be solely responsible for maintaining adequate controls over its processing and content of its data transmissions; for monitoring the input and output of such processing and transmissions; and for notifying iTradeNetwork of any non-conforming processing and/or transmissions. Customer acknowledges and agrees that iTradeNetwork is not responsible for checking, verifying or editing message content or completeness or for detecting errors or anomalies, nor for recreating or re-transmitting data beyond iTradeNetwork’s obligations as set forth herein.

4. Connection Requirements. Customer will help ensure that it and all authorized Trading Partners have the minimum required infrastructure to communicate and transmit data required for the applicable iTradeNetwork Solutions, and that all Trading Partners provide all required and complete data to iTradeNetwork without charge, according to the protocol and format, and within the timeframe mutually agreed to by iTradeNetwork and Customer at the time of initial implementation of iTradeNetwork Solution. iTradeNetwork is not responsible for degraded technical performance resulting from failure to meet the infrastructure requirements.

5. Passive Service Provider. iTradeNetwork is not a party to the transactions between Customer and its buyers, sellers and transporters of goods being conducted though the iTradeNetwork Solutions.