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A Modern Solution For Your Procurement Process

Get rid of your spreadsheets and toss out your sticky notes because the manual processes you have in place won’t cut it anymore. You need a modern solution to simplify your procurement process. You need a solution like iTradeOrder.

iTradeOrder allows you to:

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Manage trading partners in one place, for perishables and non-perishables

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Handle pricing, delivery changes, and substitutions quickly and efficiently

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Track orders from supplier to buyer, in real-time, every step of the way

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Connect effortlessly with thousands of trading partners on the network

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See how iTradeOrder works

Connecting Buyers & Suppliers

In order to build trust and a better connection between buyers and suppliers, you have to invest in the relationship. iTradeOrder offers streamlined communication, transparency, and improved efficiencies for both buyers and suppliers.

Both sides need help managing increasingly complex supply chains. For suppliers, our solution provides important exposure. For buyers, they can track shipments and comparison shop. It’s a win-win.

A Wise Investment

Investing in a trusted solution like iTradeOrder to modernize your procurement process does have upfront costs, your return on investment will be well worth it. In fact, iTradeNetwork clients who upgraded to a modern order management workflow have experienced an average annual cost savings of 50%.

iTradeOrder is not only a cost-effective solution that benefits your bottom line; it also benefits your #1 priority: your customers. If you can meet your customers’ needs, you can grow your business. iTradeOrder can help you make that happen.

Reap the Benefits

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Centralized Dashboard

Manage every order, every vendor in one simple place. Our powerful exception-based dashboard instantly notifies you of any problems so you can arrange solutions before shipment, not after delivery.

Expanded Network

Create supply chain resilience by connecting with thousands of companies on our network to ensure you get the right shipment for the right price in the right timeframe.

Mobile Management

Stay connected while away from your desk. iTradeOrder offers a mobile app that allows you to manage orders and connect with suppliers anytime, from anywhere.

Item Mapping

End the frustration of having to remember every unique SKU for every vendor. iTradeOrder offers item mapping that allows you to manage perishable orders using a single, simple catalog.

Simple, Fast Integration

Integrating technology doesn’t have to be complicated. iTraderOrder seamlessly integrates with your ERP, and can even work with your existing EDIs to ensure you save time and money sooner.