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California Salinas Rodeo 2019

Jun 2019




We are excited to be sponsoring the Salinas Rodeo once again this year on July 18th-21st! This is one of iTrade’s favorite events of the year – we love supporting the Rodeo and seeing our customers out in Salinas. We will be in Salinas Thursday, July 18th and Friday, July 19th at the Western Growers Center for Innovation. Let us know if you’d like to meet with us before the rodeo by filling out this form.

About the Salinas Rodeo

“The California Rodeo Salinas is one of the top 20 Professional Rodeos in the United States and the largest in California. Known in the rodeo world for their big arena and beautiful buckles, they are most proud of being a not-for-profit organization that gives back over $400,000 each year to local non-profits.”


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