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Get More Value Out Of iTradeFresh With The iTradeNetwork Platform

May 2019

Because AWG was already a member of iTrade’s vast trading network, iTradeFresh was a natural fit and AWG’s customers are loving the results. “We’ve got the reporting abilities now to develop some accountability now back to the vendor community, as well as some more accountability to our quality assurance associates that we have in all of our warehouses. So that information is just so valuable to us to see quality and grade standards on just about anything we want. We didn’t have that before,” said Tim Graas, the Executive Director of Produce Field Procurement at AWG.
“We have received a lot of communication back from our members that our quality has improved. We attribute a lot of that to iTradefresh.”said Tim Graas, the Executive Director of Produce Field Procurement at AWG.

Wills McMahon, Product Manager for iTradeFresh, concluded, “We are very excited to help AWG streamline their inspections and gain critical visibility and insights into their procurement decisions. AWG has already seen an improvement in the quality of its produce with iTradeFresh, and their quality will only continue to improve as we continue to expand upon our analytics and roll out machine learning in the solution. We are also thrilled to enhance our homegrown iTrade Blockchain with quality analytics from iTradeFresh so that our customers benefit from an immutable record of a product’s quality as it travels from farm-to-fork.”

Learn more about iTradeFresh and the iTradePlatform: https://www.itradenetwork.com/case-study-associated-wholesale-grocers/

To learn more about iTradeNetwork and our most recent string of innovations, including iTrade Blockchain, please visit our website: https://www.itradenetwork.com/

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