Rise in healthy eating means we’re shopping more than ever before

Feb 2016

A new survey shows Britons are shopping for food more than ever before – up to 26 shopping trips a month.

A new survey commissioned by food supply chain experts iTradeNetwork, shows UK consumers are hitting the grocery shelves at least six times a week – marking the end of the traditional weekly shop. The report conducted by grocery research charity, IGD in Europe, found that as a nation we are making one big shopping trip a week for staples, with another 5-6 top-up shops. It also found that:

  • 31% of us are shopping more often than we were three years ago with the average number of monthly food shopping trips up from 24 in 2014 to 26 in 2015.
  • The top 3 reasons why we are shopping more often are: to save money (39%), to get the freshest products (35%) and to buy something specific (32%).

The results are indicative of today’s climate. Today’s millennial shopper is more price aware, but also increased public awareness about the benefits of a healthier diet means we’re eating more fresh food and that requires more shopping trips.
You can’t do one big shop and expect all your fresh fruit and vegetables to last all week. Today’s shoppers want to use the freshest ingredients when they cook and thanks to the increase and quality in convenience stores, they will go and get their fresh fruit and vegetables almost daily.

The findings also show a growing awareness of food waste among shoppers as they shop ‘little and often’ to reduce food waste.

Consumers who are watching their budgets are fed up of buying fresh food that won’t last until they are ready to cook it. If you buy fresh groceries too far in advance chances are they’ll end up wedged at the back of the fridge so that when it comes to cooking they’re either forgotten about or they’ve gone off.

In the UK, we waste 15 million tonnes of food every year, with 50% of that coming from household waste. As public awareness on food increases, our shopping habits are evolving. Today’s consumers are more demanding about the ‘life’ of their fresh food and are therefore shopping more frequently. They want the freshest, highest quality food with over half of the fresh produce shoppers asked agreeing that it is sometimes worth paying a little extra to get higher quality.

The findings confirm that retailers should focus on their fresh produce offering in order to build and retain customer loyalty.

How retailers get fresh food from the farm to your fork has never been more crucial. With more ways to shop than ever before, having one low-performing product can make a lasting impact on a consumers’ shopping habits. If they can’t find what they want, they know they’ll be able to pick it up somewhere else when they next pop out

8 reasons why we are shopping more:

  • To save money.
  • To get the freshest products.
  • To buy specific products.
  • To reduce food waste.
  • Smaller households.
  • More stores available.
  • To get the best quality items.
  • Impulse meal planning.



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