Shoppers ‘impulse buy’ Fresh a key driver

Feb 2017

Could the Brits’ love affair with wine be coming to an end?

It seems our shopping habits are changing as our obsession for healthy eating is stopping us reaching for the bottle.

A new survey commissioned by supply chain experts iTradeNetwork, has found British shoppers are more likely to impulse buy fresh fruit over alcohol while out shopping. The research conducted by grocery research charity IGD in Europe, found 16% of us would rather pick up a fresh apple or banana, compared to 11% who would grab a bottle while waiting at the till.

According to the survey, the three main reasons why we are shunning Merlot for mangos are: more creative, eye-catching ways of displaying fresh fruit, the quality of freshness and an emerging trend for healthier eating.

Consumers are moving away from processed foods and instead want to take home the newest and freshest produce on the shelves. The smart retailers have cottoned on to this and are improving their fresh offering all the time.

The Co-op supermarket chain recently credited its ‘Fresh, Quality, Always’ strategy for a 15% uplift in fresh produce over the past year. The chain is now trialing chilled-units beside checkouts to encourage impulse, point-of-sale purchases with healthy products and 5-A-Day highlighters on packs. Meanwhile Aldi announced it will be introducing a new approach to purchasing fresh produce and revamping its 659 UK stores with a £300million refurbishment, which will include improvements to its fresh food layout.

And it seems fresh is also the key ingredient for supermarkets facing stiff competition from online food retailers. U.S. retailer Walmart is sprucing up its fruit and vegetable offerings to keep the online competition from Amazon at bay. Shawn Baldwin, SVP of produce and global food sourcing for Walmart told Fortune magazine this summer, “If you do fresh well, there’s a halo that goes around everything else.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that high-quality, fresh fruits and vegetables are emerging as a physical store’s best defense against competition. Consumers are moving away from processed foods and instead want to pick up, smell and touch the produce to check it’s of the highest fresh quality and ready to eat – get that right and it makes the perfect impulse buy.


The Co-op boosts fruit and vegetable sales:
Aldi’s £300million UK store revamp:
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