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Case Study

Red Blossom

Red Blossom was looking for a more reliable, detailed and faster traceability software for their berries. iTracefresh Item was the perfect solution, providing accurate, granular product details for stakeholders and consumers alike.

The Challenge

Red Blossom’s existing traceability software wasn’t cutting it – not only was it difficult to use in the fields, but it didn’t provide the level of product detail that they desired. Red Blossom needed a reliable solution with detailed product data that they could provide to their customers and end consumers.

The Solution

Red Blossom chose iTracefresh Item. Not only did iTrade’s Item level traceability solution offer Red Blossom accurate, detailed product data and ease and flexibility in the field, but it also gave them a platform to communicate with their consumers.

Far reaching benefits:

Enables transparency between the product and consumer, building trust and loyalty

Improved relationship with retailers who want to ensure food safety and transparency

Fast, reliable technology that provides detailed and accurate traceability data

Offline mode allows growers to easily use technology in the field

Red Blossom had two primary criteria: Ease and flexibility in the field, and reliability. Item is designed with the user in mind, making it easy for them to use the technology online or offline when working in the field. Item was able to provide Red Blossom with a reliable solution that gave them granular detail on their products throughout the supply chain.

But, Red Blossom found that the benefits of Item extended far beyond this.

Today, transparency is more important than ever. Consumers want to know everything about the food they are purchasing: where it came from, who grew it, when it was grown. Retailers want as much transparency as possible in the case of a food safety issue. Not only was Red Blossom able to engage with their consumer in new ways, but Item helped them to improve their relationship with retailers. “I can say that with confidence. Retailers are always looking for ways we are striving to improve our overall product offering, including food safety and tracking technology as well as transparency throughout the production and distribution chain” said Michelle , Markeitng DIrector at Red Blossom. “I believe it encourages retailers and customer confidence in our ability to produce a healthy, quality product and that RB is continuously striving to be at the forefront of the industry in food safety, quality and production transparency”.

With more accurate reliable technology, iTrade provided Red Blossom a solution they trust and a platform for customers and end consumers to gain confidence and engage with in Red Blossom’s product.


Red Blossom has rapidly grown to be one of California’s leading strawberry producers. Incorporated in 2004, they have since grown to over 2,300 acres in California, Florida and Mexico. Their goal is to meet consumer demand with a continuous supply of sweet, delicious, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. At Red Blossom, they aim to deliver the freshest, most flavorful berry experience, cultivating only the delicious, aromatic, eye pleasing varieties consumers desire.