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EDI Mapping

Why do I need to map, and how do I do it? Find out with iTrade’s EDI Mapping key.

Why do we need to do EDI Mapping?
Most trading partners have unique EDI Formats and Values. Thus no one’s specs are the same — so we map them. Mapping provides a computer with an automated dictionary. Without it, a computer can’t translate the incoming data. After mapping, the computer can understand the information inside of that EDI Doc.

If you have a VAN…
Ask them if they can review or comply with our EDI documents.

If you have an ERP…
Make sure that you have an IT or Support system that can handle mapping, as well send them our EDI documents to review our specs.

Why do you Map with iTrade’s EDI Specs?
Without iTrade you must map to each new trading partners EDI. With iTrade you map each document ONCE and enabling new trading partners becomes easy.

iTrade’s EDI Appendix
Oct 2018