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Fewel Farms LLC Votes Yes on iTrade Free Traceability Campaign to be Part of the World’s Safest Food Supply Chain

Jun 2020

Fewel Farms LLC is the latest customer to pick up the food safety mantle and join iTrade’s iTracefresh program. As the leading global provider of supply chain software for the food and beverage industry, iTrade is pioneering efforts to build the world’s safest and most comprehensive global food supply chain. To underline its commitment to guaranteeing the safety of our food, it has removed all barriers to adoption, offering the iTracefresh traceability suite to any supplier’s, or indeed any buyer’s, entire supplier portfolio for the first year – free of charge. 

“Traceability is becoming ever more important to our buyers, consumers, and our business. Partnering with iTrade gives our customers confidence that they know exactly what they’re getting and from where, and it allows us to respond to evolving traceability requirements quickly and without heavy investment on our side. Capturing and transmitting traceability data about dozens of commodities from anywhere sets us apart,” comments Sharon Heer, Manager at Fewel Farms LLC.

In addition to protecting a supplier’s brands during recalls and enabling critical downstream supply chain visibility, iTrade’s traceability solutions help grow its customers’ businesses. Data from a yearlong pilot with a major industry buyer showed that suppliers adopting iTrade traceability increased their trading volumes by an average of 55 percent in just 12 months. Additionally, a sample of just four new growers added a combined $10 million in revenue over the same period. 

“The world would be a better place if everyone knew where their food came from,” says Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, CEO of iTradeNetwork. “Whether you’re a small, family farm or a large, enterprise operation, we want to make food safety and traceability accessible to everyone. We are happy to have Fewel Farms join us in creating the world’s safest food supply chain and grow their business in the process.”

Fewel Farms LLC is a family-owned and family-operated supplier of fresh produce and fall ornamentals. They are located in the great Northwest, where abundant sun, plentiful irrigation, warm days, and cool nights produce the finest Apples, Watermelon, Vegetables, and Fall Ornamentals in the United States. They are a third generation family farm that strives to produce the best product possible. In their 30 years in business they have continued to proudly serve small and large retailers and wholesalers alike. They strive to continue to be leaders in innovation, research and technology, and Fewel Farms LLC continually adds excellent staff in every area of expertise. They are Primus-approved and continue to strive to meet the needs and requirements of both our buyers and customers.

Suppliers interested in adopting iTrade’s iTracefresh traceability suite and enjoying the first year, free of charge, should visit https://www.itradenetwork.com/itracefresh/item/. The promotional package includes two of iTrade’s products: its Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) case labeling solution, and its Palletized Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) solution, Transit. Qualifying suppliers may also receive the free field kit hardware package that includes a printer, two mobile devices, and 10,000 labels to help them get started on iTracefresh.

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