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OMS Modules: Crossdock

Crossdock with a Click

The OMS Crossdock Module allows all three parties involved in crossdocking—vendors, buyers, and crossdock facilities—to track the progress of any order and customize status updates and event notifications. At a time when labor costs make up 14% of grocers’ average revenue, this module reduces the time spent on administering crossdock orders by up to 15% so your employees can focus on other value-adding activities.

Benefits of OMS Crossdock

  • Automate the manual creation and updating of crossdock POs
  • Save over 40% in delivery costs
  • Plan ahead with clear identification of third-party crossdock
  • Communicate with vendors more effectively—vendors receive
    invoices once the loads arrive at crossdock facilities

To watch a quick Demo of our OMS Crossdock Module, click here.

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