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Efficiency Through Automation Integration

iTradeNetwork is a dynamic purpose-built network for the food and beverage industry that brings together more than 10,000+ buyers and sellers across North America. Our trading network simplifies and provides insights into the entire supply chain helping both buyers and sellers maximize efficiency and profitability.

Watch this recorded video where one of our experts demonstrates how iTrade can alleviate the challenges associated with building and maintaining multiple trading partner connections. By eliminating implementation and change management difficulties, as well as reducing missed or delayed orders riddled with errors, iTrade empowers you to streamline your operations seamlessly.

Learn how iTrade will help you: 

Never miss an order: Access to the OMS portal means you can always view your orders online, even if there was an issue with integration to your ERP.

Get the order right: PO revisions and confirmations don’t incur additional fees. Collaboration on the order to ensure product, price, and cost are accurate and auditable is free. 

Ship the right product: Integrated catalog capabilities ensure that you are accurately identifying the product your customer needs. Substitutions are also validated so there aren’t unpleasant surprises when a product is received. 

Get paid correctly: Robust order collaboration means invoices accurately reflect the order and shipment so you don’t underbill. 

Get paid faster: Higher 3-way matching between POs, invoices, and receiving means you and your customers aren’t bogged down in reconciliation and delaying payment. 

Click here to watch this on-demand webinar.

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