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iTrade Webinars Presents Next-Level Traceability: A Solution Showcase Series

iTradeNetwork has launched next-level traceability!

In this group of webinars–Next-Level Traceability: A Solution Showcase Series— watch as iTrade President & CEO Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, Chief Product Officer Nathan Romney, Vice President of Sales Solutions Mike Anderson, and Senior Director of Solutions Consulting Sara Metzger explore the urgent need for next-level traceability solutions when it comes to food safety and how iTrade has cracked the code to the industry’s first and only instant, precise recall and incident management technology.

This series consists of 5 sessions:

Transforming Traceability: The Urgent Need For Food Safety Solutions
Traceability Without Labels: A Food Safety Breakthrough Solution for Fresh Produce
Traceability Without Labels: A Breakthrough for Protein-Related Recalls
Next-Level Label with Instant Incident & Recall Management
Removing the Barriers: Our Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) Solution

Whether you are interested in ‘putting a label’ on it, how a label-less trace solution might be the perfect fit for you, surgical recall management, or the value that iTrade’s trace-enabled ASN can provide, we have something for everyone!

Click here to access any of the webinars in the series and we look forward to hearing from you!

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