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iTradeOrder Webinar: Introducing iTrade’s New Procurement Platform for Buyers of All Sizes

Built on our industry leading platform, 6,000+ companies strong, iTradeOrder is iTrade’s new order management platform for regional and mid-size buying organizations. Mobile procurement on-the-go, collaborative workflows, issue-based management, and advanced item mapping are just a handful of features that come standard in this end-to-end supply chain solution.

During iTrade’s webinar, An Introduction to iTradeOrder, Mike Anderson (Senior Solutions Director) and Blake Parrish (iTradeOrder Product Manager) discussed how iTradeOrder meets the challenges facing mid-market retailers, helping you stay competitive, comply with regulatory requirements, and meet the needs of your customers. They also gave a demonstration of the platform’s capabilities, including the mobile app, so you can see exactly how iTrade reduces your supply chain headaches.

Check out the recorded iTradeOrder webinar here, and stay tuned for upcoming webinars.

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