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iTradeFresh Webinar: Quality You Can Guarantee: Maximizing Brand Reputation and Increasing Sales with iTradeFresh

“It’s not enough in perishables to be good on average: it’s what the worst 20% of product looks or feels like that matters.”

Oliver Wyman Company

For retailers, growers, and shippers, freshness, shelf-life, consistency, and quality are the biggest factors driving brand reputation and revenue. But with manual processes, obscured visibility, and no analytics data, how can you ensure that you are producing the highest quality fruit and veg across all of your facilities?

During iTrade’s webinar, Quality You Can Guarantee: Maximizing Brand Reputation and Increasing Sales with iTradeFresh, Wills McMahon (iTradeFresh Product Manager) and Mike Anderson (Director, Sales Consultant) discussed how iTrade’s food quality inspection software can help maximize brand reputation & sales by ensuring fresh, quality produce. Mike Anderson walked attendees through demo of the application, reviewing the features and functionality of iTradeFresh that will give retailers and growers the tools they need to streamline your operations and procure or grow the best possible product on the market. The attendees were very excited to hear that the solution seamlessly integrates with iTrade’s Order Management System and that iTradeFresh is available to both suppliers and buyers.

Check out the recorded iTradefresh webinar here, and stay tuned for upcoming webinars that will be posted here.

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