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Connecting to a Buyer/Supplier

Build New Trading Connections

The hard work’s done. You’ve won the business of that new retailer, distributor, wholesaler, or restaurant chain. What’s next? Partner with iTradeNetwork to setup electronic trading and start filling orders!

Let’s Get Connected

Simplify Your Trading with our Network

Seamless Connections to Thousands of Retail and Foodservice Partners

iTradeNetwork makes electronic trading between you and any of your retail or foodservice customers easy. If your buyer is on iTradeNetwork’s industry-leading procurement network of 1000s of companies, great! If not, no problem.

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Looking to connect with the network

Discover how iTrade’s powerful data, flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help you. From procurement, to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics and more - iTrade has something for everyone.

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