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Identify, Capture and Share Key Data Elements Across the Supply Chain

The fastest, most precise food recall & incident management solution in the industry. iTradeNetwork's traceability solutions go beyond ensuring compliance, leveraging vast industry data to protect customers, products, and brands.

Best-in-the-industry Protection for your Customers and Brand

Instant, Precise Traceability Incident & Recall Management

Experience instant and precise traceability with state-of-the-art incident & recall management solutions. Enables swift and accurate tracking of products through the entire supply chain. Embrace the capability to respond rapidly, protect customers, maintain brand integrity, and foster trust.

Seamless Communication and Traceability

Transit/PTI - Palletized Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

Simple and Seamless PTI Generation

iTraceFresh Transit allows you to efficiently capture and generate a PTI - Palletized Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) and notify stakeholders that an order is in transit. Transit improves supply chain visibility by easily and accurately communicating traceability information.

Instant Supply Chain Insight

Label-less: Produce & Protein

Not everything can take a physical label

Label-less Trace provides rapid, non-disruptive supply chain visibility by using the traceability information available on every purchase order processed on the iTradeNetwork platform.

“Our members now see the difference in the quality they receive on a day-in and day-out basis."

Reade Sievert | VP, Corporate Produce, Associated Wholesale Grocers

Swift Collaboration for Incident Response

Instant Incident & Recall Management

Collaborate faster, with surgical precision, within seconds of an incident alert. Notifications are sent to suppliers and buyers at the same time, with the same data that pinpoints the exact location of contaminated products in the supply chain so they can be removed instantly — without the waste of time, money, and goods.

Become Your Consumer’s and Retailer’s Preferred Brand

Introducing -
iTradeNetwork’s Item

Managing Complex Transactional Data

Item Enables Brands to Connect Directly with Their End-Customers

Sharing product details like lot, and harvest data and recall alerts for consumers focused on transparency

Creating emotional bonds with consumers by sharing grower stories, recipes and brand information

Collect value feedback for influencing product, managing quality and strengthening customer bonds

"We actually work with the consumer to resolve issues with purchases. Instead of the consumer being upset about a quality issue or object in their container, we use the data gained from them and let them know that because of the code we can take their issue straight back to the farm to share with farmers and their employees to resolve issues.

California Giant

Streamline Food Sourcing, Procurement, and Supplier Collaboration

iTradeNetwork’s Item QR Code Labeling

Complete with robust analytics, no-code templates for brand marketing, and feedback collection capabilities, providing best-in-class consumer experience.

Consumer Connections Via QR Code

Dynamically link content to each individual product, providing detailed information such as recall alerts, grower stories, recipes, and brand information, while enabling customer feedback.

No-code Dashboards

Create and manage dynamic content using our no-code solution to build out memorable brand experiences.

Labeling Made Easy

Remain cost-effective, flexible, with minimal IT resources. Item seamlessly integrates into even the most challenging workflows, including field packing and pre-printing labels.

Item Recall Alerts

Food safety messaging can be added to trace code blocks for configurable alert messaging when codes are scanned.

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