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Specifically Designed for Growers & Shippers

From Farm to Fork, Tackling The Most Complex Supply Chain Challenges

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Top Industry Leaders

Streamline and Eliminate Complexity

The Leader in Produce Supply Chain

iTradeNetwork increases visibility across the supply chain, automates time-consuming order management processes, helps meet industry traceability requirements, and enables quick and efficient loads to get paid faster.

Execute orders reliably and get paid faster.

Streamline procurement and eliminate manual purchasing processes.

Maximize shelf life. Give customers ‘guaranteed’ fresh.

Supplier Spotlight

Insights from D’Arrigo: iTradeNetwork's OMS Software in Action

We caught up with Maya Capurro from D'Arrigo California at IFPA’s Global Floral & Produce Show. Here she highlights the efficiency of iTradeNetwork's OMS software in streamlining her daily workflow. Designed for quick and efficient procurement management, the software offers a user-friendly solution.

Connect to Buyers

Unlock the Power of iTrade’s Open Network (iON™)

iON™ simplifies and adds agility to complex supply chains, facilitating enhanced connectivity with buyers. Elevate your supply chain to new heights of excellence, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Gain Consumer Trust

Item Level Trace

Granular, trusted data driving consumer and grower insights

Capture the attention of consumers through engaging QR code experiences at the shelf or table. Foster brand loyalty and ensure repeat business by offering transparent and sophisticated product detail content, coupled with engagement opportunities.

“We actually work with the consumer to resolve issues with purchases. Instead of the consumer being upset about a quality issue or object in their container, we use that data gained from them and let them know that because of the code we can take their issue straight back to the farm to share with farmers and their employees to resolve issues.”

Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing at California Giant

Empowering Logistics

Introducing Freight Analytics

Real time insights into spot market rates

iTradeNetwork has partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics, to provide customers real time visibility into market rate comparison and insights into spot pricing.