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Order Management Systems (OMS)

Reinventing the Most Complex Supply Chains

Purpose-built order management for the perishables supply chain. iTradeNetwork combines buy and sell-side into a single order management platform that manages everything from demand planning, forecasting, purchase orders, invoice reconciliation, traceability and FSMA 204 compliance, document integrations, vendor managed inventory, load management, and much more.

Trusted partnerships with
Top Industry Leaders

Integrated - Modular - Scalable - “Control Tower” Visibility

Streamline & Eliminate Complexity Throughout the Procurement Lifecycle

Execute orders reliably and get paid faster.

Make the best procurement decisions possible.

Maximize shelf life. Give customers ‘guaranteed’ fresh.

Why Choose iTradeNetwork?

Buy and Supply-Side Order Management

Fully integrated, modular, and tailor-made order management solutions for managing complex supply chain operations.

From Cradle to Grave: Integrated
End-to-End Procurement Modules

Forecasting & Demand Planning

Request for Quote

Procure-to-Pay Workflows

Invoice Reconciliation

Vendor Managed Inventory

Catalog/Order Guides




Effortless Procurement

Forecast & Demand Planning

Streamline and automate procurement with predictive modeling tools that aggregate store demand, analyze past PO activity, and generate ad business projections.

Precision in Collaboration

Invoice Reconciliation (3-Way Match)

iTradeNetwork combines proprietary 3-way matching with advanced order collaboration, increasing invoicing accuracy and reflecting the orders and shipment to avoid underbilling and time spent reconciling and delaying payment.

Automated Workflows for Seamless Efficiency

Integrated Workflows & Collaboration

Embrace the power of iTradeNetwork's out-of-box workflows that automate critical tasks across the food and beverage supply chain. These integrated pre-built processes offer numerous benefits that elevate your business operations.

Unrivaled Precision

Industry-Leading Traceability

Protect Customers & Brands Instantly

The fastest, most precise food recall & incident management solution in the Industry. iTradeNetwork's traceability solutions go beyond ensuring compliance, leveraging the most data in the industry to protect customers, products, and brands.

Connect to Buyers

Unlock the Power of iTradeNetwork’s Open Network (iONTM)

iON simplifies and adds agility to complex supply chains, facilitating enhanced connectivity with buyers. Elevate your supply chain to new heights of excellence, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Performance Visibility

Introducing Scorecarding

Actionable Insights for Driving Supply Chain Excellence

Integrated buy and supply side scorecarding module provides insights into performance across numerous critical KPIs related to fulfillment operations. With the scorecarding, buyers and suppliers can effortlessly monitor the efficiency of order fulfillment, processing, and delivery, offering unprecedented insights into their supply chain.

“iTradeNetwork enables us to automate processes that were previously handled manually. By standardizing and streamlining our internal processes from a single point of electronic communication with our vendors and carriers, we maximize efficiency and gain greater visibility into our supply chain.”

The Kroger Company

Empowering the Supply Chain

Introducing Freight Analytics

Real time insights into spot market rates

iTradeNetwork has partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics, to provide customers real time visibility into market rate comparison to design, build, organize more loads faster, and profitably. 

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We look forward to showing you how our platform’s powerful data, flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help you. From procurement, to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics and more - iTradeNetwork has something for everyone.

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