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Freight TMS

Design, Build, Organize More Loads Faster, and Profitably

When it comes to transporting perishable commodities, every second and every dollar counts. Smarter logistics planning, fresher products on the shelves, better top and bottom lines for your company, and you’ll look like a genius.

Trusted partnerships with
Top Industry Leaders

Powerful Features That Set Us Apart

Boost Your Freight and Logistics Analytics Impact

iTradeNetwork’s unified freight analytics platform enables your team to extract real business value, strengthen your market position and drive revenue, quickly.

Gain visibility into carriers, negotiate best rates and maximize margins

View how your lane and load rate compare to market rates, while leveraging DAT to negotiate better rates with confidence.

Design, build, and ship loads faster, and reliably

Optimize loads with automatic checks on trailer fullness! Build loads faster with just a few clicks.

Tailor-made for shipping perishables

The power is in the partnership with DAT: Dive deeper into data to see the price ranges, number of sources, time period, and region sizes used to collect data.

Redefine the revenue impact of freight data & analytics

Uncover what clients and clientele are prioritizing in today’s shifting freight and logistics landscape.

Unparalleled Success within our Network

Purpose-built Freight TMS for Perishables

Real-time Freight Quotes

Evaluate your ‘all-in’ purchase costs and make informed decisions that maximize your margins on every order.

Scenario Building & Modeling

Make the best decisions for your business, and buyers can test procurement decisions to improve top and bottom lines.

Multi Cross Dock Facilitation

Can handle PO that stop at multiple cross docks to be put on different trucks, cross borders, or to be serviced.

Track Your Shipments

Keep track of every single truck you are responsible for with real-time GPS tracking, whether you are moving a few loads locally or an entire fleet around the globe.

Maximize Your Margins on Every PO

Let shippers, buyers, and carriers connect seamlessly and access upfront, transparent pricing at the touch of a button.

“iTradeNetwork enables us to automate processes that were previously handled manually. By standardizing and streamlining our internal processes from a single point of electronic communication with our vendors and carriers, we maximize efficiency and gain greater visibility into our supply chain.”

The Kroger Company

Empower Your Supply Chain

Introducing Freight Analytics

Leverage real time spot rate insights

iTrade has partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics, to provide users insights real time visibility into market rate comparison to and spot rate pricing.

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Take a closer look at the platform built for suppliers and trading partners

We look forward to showing you how our platform’s powerful data, flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help you. From procurement, to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics and more - iTrade has something for everyone.

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