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Fresh Inspection

Ensuring Consistent Food Quality With Cutting-Edge Inspection Analytics

Nearly 64% of grocery retail executives say fresh food is the most strategically important department for their company’s sales growth plan (Deloitte 2023). With perishables comprising over half of total grocery spending, having consistently fresh produce not only protects your brand, but also drives sales and customer retention.

Preparing for Upcoming Requirements

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 204)

In 2022, the FDA ruled in favor of additional traceability record-keeping requirements for certain foods on the Food Traceability List (FTL). Anyone who ​​manufactures, processes, packages, or holds these foods is subject to these additional requirements and must comply by January 20, 2026. iTradeNetwork has been working with hundreds of companies across the supply chain to efficiently achieve compliance within the required timeframe. Need help with tackling these new requirements? Speak to one of our food traceability experts today.

Quality Inspection & Analytics Solution

Built to Handle the Increasing Demand for Fresh Food

Valuable resource for grower scorecarding

Standardize product inspection operations across regions, coolers, inspectors, etc.

Communicate quickly with growers are rejections

Communicate any spec ‘flexes’ across your QA organization with a single click

IoT integration with the top 3 temp-track companies provides GPS/temperature alerts

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