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Freight Analytics

Leveraging Best-of-Breed Freight Data

iTrade has partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics to provide customers real time visibility into market rate comparison in real time, past, present or future.

Trusted partnerships with
Top Industry Leaders

Unparalleled Success within our Network

Leverage the best-of-breed freight data in North America

Power of Data

View how your lane and load rate compare to market rates in one application, in real time, in the past, present, or future.

Lower Your Cost

Leverage DAT to negotiate better rates with confidence.

Save Time

Stop collecting and analyzing carrier quotes from non-contracted carriers to measure the market.

Remove doubt from pricing decisions

Dive deeper into data to see the price ranges, number of sources, time period, and region sizes used to collect data

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Take a closer look at the platform built for suppliers and trading partners

We look forward to showing you how our platform’s powerful data, flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help you. From procurement, to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics and more - iTrade has something for everyone.

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