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Growers & Shippers

Tackling The Most Complex Supply Chain Challenges, From Farm to Fork

Growers and shippers face a number of operational challenges in today’s food supply chain. Not only do you have to manage costs and communicate key data elements to trading partners and end consumers, but you must also comply with growing regulations across the supply chain to ensure food safety and quality.

iTradeNetwork’s end-to-end supply chain solutions are designed for growers and shippers. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based software increases management visibility across the supply chain, automates time-consuming order management processes, and helps you meet industry traceability compliance, so that you can deliver the freshest product.

  • Join A Network of Thousands of Companies

    With iTrade’s one-to-many, single set-up and connect model, your organization is instantly connected to the largest food and beverage network of thousands of trading partners.

  • Manage Your Own Data

    Upload and maintain your catalog. iTrade syncs and distributes your product information across your entire network. You even have the option to publish to GDSN with our Certified Data Node.

  • Streamline Your Procurement Operations

    Gain visibility into order changes and statuses, avoid discrepancies, and get paid faster by centralizing your procurement operations on one collaborative platform.

  • Easily Integrate With Back-End Systems

    iTrade’s solutions integrate with your existing systems, including ERP, WMS, and financial software.

  • Enhance Product Traceability

    With seamless integration across iTrade’s Solution Suite, comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and gain critical visibility across your perishables supply chain, from farm to fork.

End-to-end Supply Chain Solutions for Grower – Shippers
  • Catalog Management

    MDS / GDSN Data Pool – Certified GDSN data pool supports industry standards and simplifies exchanging GS1 data via the GS1 Global Registry®.

  • Procurement

    Order Management System (OMS) – Collaborative online portal designed to streamline the order-to-cash cycle. Send and receive electronic transaction data in any format. OMS synchronizes thousands of trading partners’ catalogs as a foundation for accurate commerce and faster invoice reconciliation.

  • Traceability

    Label – Internal and external case labeling tied into existing processes for any field, packing shed or processing facility.

    Field Load – Track product from the field to the warehouse with real-time visibility.

    Item – Scannable QR codes to engage consumers at the shelf and provide field to fork transparency.

    Transit – Share critical PTI and product data with trading partners via the ASN or PO.

Cal Giant and iTracefresh Item

Cal Giant chose iTradefresh Item. Item is the only traceability solution for individual products or packages that links the first and last mile of the supply chain, boosting retailer confidence with safe and efficient recalls, and maximizing shopper confidence and loyalty by providing greater transparency and accuracy in tracking and communicating origin information for fresh produce.

“We want to build brand loyalty and grow our list of loyal followers. The only way to do that is to open the door and let the consumer in and provide transparency. ”

Join the industry’s largest trade network.

Many of the industry's growers and shippers use iTradeNetwork to trade with buyers and ensure traceability compliance.