Cal Giant Case Study - Item Traceability

In order to better manage traceability requirements for individual products and packages, Cal Giant turned to iTradeNetwork’s Item solution. To improve accuracy of traceability data, enhance QR reliability, and mitigate tracking errors, see how iTracefresh Item can help advance traceability from the first mile on.


Many retailers and buyers have begun asking, and in certain cases requiring, their suppliers to go to the next level in traceability beyond the master carton. With the added costs and logistics such programs entail, accuracy is paramount. Cal Giant was looking for a solution that would both ensure extreme accuracy in the event of a food safety crisis and enable them to communicate with their trading partners and consumers about the origin and quality of their products.

  • Reach customers at point of sale

  • Improve food safety efforts

  • Mobile or web look-up from any device

  • Internally assess quality of various growers and mitigate the effects of a potential recall

  • Meet any current or future compliance issues

  • Low impact, inexpensive setup with a look-up that integrates into any website with an API

About Cal Giant

Family owned and operated for over 40 years – California Giant Berry Farms was developed by a family of passionate people who share that same passion for berries. Front planting, growing, harvesting and shipping, it takes every single person at California Giant to get strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries from farm to table. Not only is California Giant dedicated to cultivating the best quality berries, but they strive to give back to their communities through charitable giving of time and money. The California Giant Foundation unifies the berry grower’s philanthropic initiatives to amplify the size and scope of their giving back – Staff and owners happily spend countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars to 90+ worthy causes locally and across the nation on an annual basis – such as childhood obesity and school nutrition, hunger and food insecurity, prevention and awareness, and community. What began as a small local strawberry shipper to now an international berry company brings smiles to homes with fresh berries, and smiles to the ones whose lives they’ve touched.