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Smarter logistics, longer shelf life. Turn logistics into your competitive advantage.

When it comes to your logistics planning, let iTrade carry the load.

When it comes to transporting perishable commodities, every second and every dollar counts. Maximize your margins on every PO with iTradeFreight, iTradeNetwork’s robust logistics and procurement planning module. Smarter logistics planning, fresher product on the shelves, better top and bottom lines for your company, and you’ll look like a genius.

  • Growers & Shippers

  • Manufacturers

  • Logistics Providers

  • Distributors

  • Retailers

  • Operators

Maximize Your Margins on Every PO

Shippers, buyers, and carriers need a way to connect seamlessly and access upfront, transparent pricing at the touch of a button. With iTradeFreight, you will maximize your margins on every order by factoring logistics into your all-in procurement costs.