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Embrace Enhanced Efficiency with Our New OMS Landing Page

iTradeNetwork is excited to announce the launch of our brand new landing page within our Order Management System.  We've listened to your feedback, and have introduced a redesigned experience to enable you and your team to more efficiently harness the power of information. 

Boost Visibility 

The new landing page now offers a 'Today’s Tasks' feature that allows you to see all the purchase orders that need attention immediately. With this feature, whether it's a new order to confirm, one to be shipped, or one ready to be invoiced, you can manage your orders more effectively and swiftly.


Efficiently navigate to specific tasks, enabling swift action and management of pending orders within the system. 

Stay up-to-date

In an effort to make sure that important product updates are not missed, we have added  the ‘Release Notes Library’ where users can stay up-to-date with all the latest developments related to OMS. Your thoughts matter to us - and to reinforce this, we now have a 'Provide Feedback' feature on our landing page. This platform enables users to share opinions about different OMS modules, continuously shaping the future of our most loved product.

Access Support

Our iTradeNetwork announcements feature will remain, providing you with all the latest iTrade updates. We've also maintained a direct link to our customer support portal so that you can reach out for help anytime, anywhere.

Purpose Built

The new landing page is being implemented in response to direct feedback from our customers, who have expressed a desire for improved functionality. Senior Product Manager Oliver Lewis says “by aligning with our customers' needs, the landing page has been meticulously crafted to enhance their workflow, ensuring a smoother start to their workday. Ultimately, our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to continuously refine our services, prioritizing user experience above all else.” 

About iTradeNetwork

For decades under our Order Management System software, iTradeNetwork combines buy and sell-side into a single order management platform that manages everything from demand planning, forecasting, purchase orders, invoice reconciliation, traceability and compliance, and more. iTradeNetwork provides advanced supply chain solutions backed with best-in-class expertise and support, helping businesses simplify complex procurement and fulfillment challenges while providing essential visibility into managing their entire supply chain. Learn more about iTradeNetwork’s OMS at

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