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iTrade’s EDI Appendix

Learn the all of the key EDI terms and phrases with iTrade’s EDI Appendix.

Stands for Accredited Standards Committee X12, but it maintains the standards in EDI for format.

Advance Shipping notice or an 856 EDI Doc.

Applicability Statement 2 or a protocol developed by the IETF to allow secure and reliable messaging over HTTP and Allows data to be sent of the internet using this HTTP protocol.

Business to Business, the practice of buying and selling between companies using electronic transactions. Integration means that there is a secured coordination of business information among companies and their secure information.

Compliance Checking
Ensuring that a transmitted document complies with ANSI X12 syntax rules.

A notification that the transmission has been received by the intended receiver – Related to Functional Acknowledgement.

Data Synchronization
Electronic transfer of standardized product and location information between business partners and the continuous sync of that data over time.

Data Pool
A GDSN-compliant mechanism for business partners to share and sync data. In addition to storing product data, a data pool provides necessary functions and workflow to communicate with the GLOBAL Registry and other data pools.

DUNS number
Dun and Bradstreet identification number used often in EDI transmissions.

Electronic Data Interchange
. The computer-to-computer transfer of business transaction information using standard, industry-accepted message formats.

EDI Translator
Software used to perform conversion of application data to and from a standard, which is usually licensed and has subsystems for mapping, auditing, and document management.

Flat File
A computer file where all the information is run together in a single character string.

File Transfer Protocol. A standard method of transmitting files from one computer to another over the internet.

Functional Acknowledgement
A transaction set transmitted by the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender, indicating the receipt and syntactical acceptability of a message. It does not provide acknowledgement of the content of the message, just that the message has been successfully received and interpreted. Often abbreviated and referred to as “FA”.

Global Data Synchronization Network. Provides a framework that allows all data pools to interoperate and share data seamlessly.

GLOBAL Registry
A central service which holds pointers to data held in local data pools, provides an index for companies looking for product data held in local data pools and ensures data pools are fully compliant with GS1 standards.

Global Trade Item Number. A unique identifier for each product.

HyperText Transfer Protocol. A protocol used to request and transmit files, especially web pages and web page components, over the internet or other computer network.

The act of determining what pieces of information in the company’s database should be placed into each data element of an EDI message or transaction set, or in reverse, what data elements of an EDI message or transaction set should be placed into the company’s database

Purchase Order Acknowledgement
Confirmation to the buyer that the supplier will be filling the purchase order as requested.

Value Added Network. Often abbreviated as VAN and today called an EDI Network Services Provider, a thirdparty entity which handles the electronic exchange of information between subscribers to its services. Services provided by VANs include electronic mailboxing of EDI transmissions, protocol and speed conversion, and EDI record keeping for audit tracking.

Vendor Managed Inventory. A system of inventory replenishment in which the vendor accepts responsibility for maintaining customer’s inventory levels of the vendor’s products by monitoring POS and inventory information sent by the customer. This is usually automated through EDI to achieve as smooth a flow of replenishment as possible.

The usual abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language, an open standard for describing data.

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