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Trade Spend

Transforming Complex Data Into Actionable Insights

Streamline trade spend management, increase profitability, and enhance collaboration with partners. With integrated capabilities that include rebate management, distributor chargebacks, white space, pricing insights, and data management, iTradeNetwork helps foodservice manufacturers gain a competitive edge.

Powerful Bespoke Capabilities

Don’t Settle for Less When It Comes to Supply Chain Management

Learn why leading foodservice manufacturers rely on iTradeNetwork. Take control today and experience the power of the network.

Integrate with the Largest Distributor (Data) Network across North America

All Proof of Performance data delivered accurately and on time!

Historic Master Data, Clean and Accurate, Guaranteed!

Leverage iTradeNetwork’s 25+ years of historical master data across all trade spend activity.

Applied Analytics: Purpose-built for Trade Spend

Over 99.5% accuracy on inbound transactional data and product mapping. Full visibility into trade spend performance and sales opportunities.

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Unparalleled Success within the Network

Purpose-built Capabilities That Unlock Trade Spend Potential

Contracts & Rebate Management

Audits trade spend activity across trading partners and eliminates financial risk.

Pricing Analytics

Gain better line of sight into the actual cost of discount programs for better measurement and effectiveness.

Distributor Bill-Back

Automate the collection process and validate claims to ensure accuracy and efficiency in operations.

Master Data Management

Ingest, clean, map and convert complex data into practical insights.

Managing Complex Transactional Data

Eliminate Rebate Double-Dips

Take control of contracts and eliminate double-dips.

iTradeNetwork ingests, consumes, cleans, and maps complex transactional data necessary to empower foodservice manufacturers to audit trade spend activity across all trading partners and eliminate unnecessary revenue loss.

Reduce Financial Leakage

Validate Distributor Billback Claims

Safeguarding financial stability

iTradeNetwork detects invalid deviations, duplicity, operator accounts, inner transfers and more to empower foodservice manufacturers and reduce financial leakage.

Real-Time Data Excellence

Master Data Management

Seamless end-to-end process from ingestion to maintenance

Cleans, maps and exchanges data in real-time while having access to clean product transaction data through the entire food service supply chain.

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Take a closer look at the platform built for suppliers and trading partners

We look forward to showing you how our platform’s powerful data, flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help you. From procurement, to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics and more - iTrade has something for everyone.