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Reinventing the most complex supply chains

Supply Chain Excellence with No Boundaries

For more than 25 years, iTradeNetwork has delivered supply chain software solutions to the food service & food service distribution industries designed to increase profitability, agility, and strengthen trading partner relationships.

Screen showing a dashboard from tradeworks with various statistics such as "total order fulfillment" at 4.2% increase and "61,520" transactions. it includes charts and fresh strawberries and raspberries images.

Experience the Power of the Network

Achieve New Levels of Supply Chain Excellence, Connectivity, and Customer Satisfaction

Learn why food service industry leaders rely on iTradeNetwork.

A woman in a denim apron holds a tablet and stands in front of lush greenery, with infographics showing "customer growth 15-24%" and "99% order accuracy" related to


Harness the power of information. With more than 25 years of historical master data, iTradeNework guarantees clean and accurate data required for robust supply chain operations

A worker in a reflective vest and hard hat reviews a digital tablet displaying logistics metrics, including traceability and efficiency rates, in a warehouse setting.


Innovation that gives “control-tower” visibility with unparalleled automation, management capabilities and insights into the entire supply chain operations

Two men, one in a dark shirt and the other in a cap, reviewing documents on traceability solutions in a greenhouse setting with statistical data on delivery performance overlaying the image.


Insights combined with unrivaled expertise. Leveraging 25 years of experience and best practices, helping food service leaders achieve new levels of excellence

Unparalleled Success within our Network

Featured Industries

A male and female worker in a warehouse checking inventory on a tablet. The man wears a safety helmet, and there are digital overlays showing shipping data and traceability reports.

Simplify Operations for Distributors

Optimize Your Distribution Efforts with Ease

Collaborate with suppliers on a single platform. Gain insights into fulfillment status, accuracy, and more in-depth information critical to your business.

Gain control over sourcing, procurement, inventory, and sales

Deliver best-in-class ordering and inventory management

Streamline order management for the perishables supply chain

Pair of hands holding vibrant red raspberries with graphics displaying statistics like "k allen organics 82," "monthly delivery, September $34," "on-time delivery 82%," and "per

Let the Network Work for You

The Leader in Fresh Procurement

Automate time-consuming order management tasks, meet industry traceability requirements, build quick and efficient loads, and get paid faster.

Execute orders reliably and get paid faster

Streamline procurement and eliminate manual purchasing processes

Maximize shelf-life. Give customers 'guaranteed’ fresh

A person places carrots into a blue shopping basket in a grocery store, overlaid with digital data graphics showing "total order accuracy 97.2%, traceability enhanced" and "1,435 suppliers

Simplify Your Food Manufacturing Operations

Help Revolutionize Retail and Operations Success

Simplify sourcing. Get the best products from suitable suppliers, using the criteria that matters most.

Simplify and streamline complex procurement for perishables

Execute orders reliably and predictably with no surprises

Maximize shelf-life. Give customers 'guaranteed’ fresh

A female worker in a hygienic cap inspects perishables in a warehouse. In the foreground, digital overlays show traceability metrics and purchasing trends for different vegetables.

Simplify Your Manufacturing Operations

Turn Insights into Action

Gain insights into clean and timely data to reliably manage all phases of the trade spend, including contract management, claim validation, approvals, settlements and analysis.

Clean, map, and standardize complex transactional data

Transform complex data into powerful trade spend insights

Manage, automate, and gain insights into rebate programs

Three chefs preparing food and beverage partners in a busy kitchen, surrounded by fresh ingredients, with infographic elements showing statistics like '92% order accuracy' and 'turnaround time .78 days'.

Innovative Solutions for Operators

Adapting to Changing Tastes and Rising Costs

Collaborate with suppliers and gain oversight and control over unit-level purchasing, ensuring on-contract spend, and compliance.

Gain insights into distributor volume and top performing end-units

Improve end-unit compliance with branded ecommerce

Clean, map, and standardize complex transactional data

A graphic featuring logos of various grocery and retail chains including Costco, Chick-fil-A, Giant Eagle, United Supermarkets, Topco, US Foods, Aldi, Sobeys, and more.

Partnering with Excellence

Trusted Partnerships with Top Industry Leaders

We bring simplicity & agility to complex supply chains with our cloud-based software. Achieve new levels of supply chain connectivity, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Round orange badge with the text "top 8/10 North American Foodservice Distributors" and star decorations.Round orange badge with the text "top 13/20 North American grocers in perishables supply chain" and star decorations.Round orange badge with the text "top 8/10 Global Food/Beveerage Manufacturers" and star decorations.Round orange badge with the text "top 3/3 North American Contract Food Service Companies" and star decorations.
Two farmers in aprons, a man and a woman, smiling while exchanging a wooden crate of fresh vegetables. Infographic elements illustrate an 82% on-time delivery rate for perishables supply chain management

From Forecasting to Reconciliation

Buy & Sell Side Procurement

Purpose-built order management for the complex food service supply chain. iTradeNetwork handles everything from managing forecasting, purchase orders, invoice reconciliation, traceability and FSMA 204 compliance, document integrations, vendor managed inventory, load management, and much more.

Join iTradeNetwork, the industry standard for food service order management.


Invoices Processed Annually


Accuracy in Invoice Reconciliation


Total trading partners, amounting to nearly
3 million+ users

"Traceability is becoming ever more important to our buyers, consumers, and our business. Partnering with iTradeNetwork gives our customers confidence that they know exactly what they’re getting and from where.”

Brad Dowie  |  Region Business Manager at Ocean Spray

"iTradeNetwork has created a solution that makes sense. CaRMA will enhance our contract management through better synchronization of data and better collaboration within our supply chain.”

Cindy Jewell  |  VP of Marketing at California Giant

"Traceability implementation driven by the PTI is not simply about making a change for one company, it is about making operations changes and recommendations that can guide the whole industry.”

Steve Roosdahl  |  Director Supply Chain Management at The Oppenheimer Group

“iTradeNetwork’s field load helps our warehouse match priorities with our field operations team to get the freshest product into the cooler and out to the loading dock on time.”

Michelle Deleissegues  |  Marketing Director at Red Blossom

Discover the Potential

Unlock the Power of Trade Spend

From Intakes to Insights

With more than 25 years of historical master data, and integrations with the largest distributor network in North America, iTradeNetwork transforms complex data into powerful trade spend insights.

A person with an updo hairstyle is reading a magazine with visible text related to procurement, partially obscured by the reader.

Product Suite Brochure

iTradeNetwork’s Full Product Suite Overview is Here

Find the right solution. From procurement to end-to-end traceability, freight logistics, and more – iTradeNetwork has something for everyone.

Fresh to the Logistics User Base

Empowering Logistics with Freight Analytics

Real-time insights into spot market rates

iTradeNetwork has partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics, to provide users insights real time visibility into market rate comparison to and spot rate pricing.