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About Us

The Industry's Largest Trade Network

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iTradeNetwork is a global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry.

We bring simplicity and agility to complex supply chains with our cloud-based software.

Our Mission: Always Growing

iTradeNetwork delivers supply chain software solutions to the food service & retail grocery industries in order to increase profitability, improve compliance, and strengthen trading partner relationships.

Our Vision

Empower the world to access the freshest, most affordable, and safest food.

End-to-end Supply Chain Management Solutions

Today, we offer an expanded platform that is highly configurable, with functionality across all major procurement and order management processes. Among the most popular are solutions designed to improve efficiency and provide greater visibility across the supply chain for Procurement, Traceability, Analytics and our foundational Data Services.

Join the Network

If you are already an iTradeNetwork customer, we would like to say thank you. If you are new, welcome, we invite you to contact us today to learn how you can get started trading. Isn’t it time you joined the Network?

We look forward to working with you!

Our History

iTradeNetwork has been the leader in perishables supply chain management for 20 years.

iTradeNetwork Founded

Order Management System (OMS) Launched

iTradeNetwork surpasses $3B in Trading volume

Acquisition of DYN Tradeling & Seafood.com

Albertson & HEB join the Network

Acquisition of ProvisionX

Network grows to 2,000+ users

Acquisition of EFS Network

Sysco, BEK, OFG join the Network

iTradeNetwork catalogs 5M unique product codes

Acquisition of instill & Amphire

Expands to EU Markets

iTrade serves 100K foodservice units

Roper Acquisition: iTradeNetwork

Acquisition of FoodLink

Addition of Traceability solution

iTradeNetwork becomes a GS1 certified GDSN data pool


iTrade’s Network surpasses 5K partners

Connect to the industry’s largest trade network.

iTradeNetwork’s customer base includes thousands of companies from throughout the food and beverage industry.

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    North American Grocers

  • Top 8/10

    North American Foodservice Distributors

  • Top 8/10

    Global Food/Beverage Manufacturers