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Streamline Your Order, Contract, and Rebate Management

Whether you’re making your own brands, private-labeling or co-packing, food and beverage manufacturing is highly competitive. You’ve got to keep your eye on the bottom line, while managing the complex world of orders, contracts, rebates, trading partner relationships and increasingly stringent food safety regulations.

Without the right tools, these can be time-consuming, error-laden processes that take time away from business-building activities. To be successful today, you need to make it easy for your customers to source your products and keep your finger on the pulse of when and where they go.

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers have turned to iTradeNetwork for software solutions that provide visibility into product movement across the supply chain and sales insights. iTradeNetwork provides end-to-end supply chain solutions designed for food and beverage manufacturers, with cloud-based applications that make it easier for your customers to source your products digitally, track invoices and shipment and manage discrepancies and deductions, helping you drive value by streamlining supply chain functions.

  • Streamline Your Procurement Operations

    Source your products digitally, track invoices and shipment, and manage discrepancies and deductions.

  • Gain Real-Time Visibility

    Gain real-time visibility to critical information from manufacturing to the store shelf, including case sales and associated rebates.

  • Act On Invaluable Insights

    Gain sales insights with powerful analytics for sell-through data to measure compliance and grow revenue.

  • Manage Your Spend

    Access clean and timely data to reliably manage all phases of the trade spend, including contract management, claim validation, approvals, settlements and analysis.

  • Provide Key Product and Nutritional Info

    Synchronize data between systems in real-time to ensure that stores have access to the latest product, pricing and nutritional information.

End-to-end Supply Chain Solutions for Manufacturers
  • Master Data Services

    MDS / GDSN Data Pool – Certified GDSN data pool supports industry standards and simplifies exchanging GS1 data via the GS1 Global Registry®.

  • Contracts

    CaRMA – Collaborative contract and rebate management system designed to provide real-time visibility and a single version of the truth for creating, negotiating and approving contract programs and terms.

  • Procurement

    Order Management System (OMS) – Collaborative online portal designed to streamline order-to-cash cycle. Send and receive electronic transaction data in any format. OMS synchronizes 5,000+ trading partners’ catalogs as a foundation for accurate commerce and faster invoice reconciliation.

  • Spend Management

    Trade Spend – Protect your organization, prevent double dipping, and gain insight into sales profitability with systematic claims monitoring.

Ocean Spray and the Enhanced Billback Solution

Confusing, labor-intensive billback system with a high margin of error Billback claims are created across several different sources; email, fax, paper, customer web portals and other electronic formats. The claim content is typically from the customer perspective, meaning the manufacturer’s pricing/deduction analyst needs to know each customer’s unique billback format and content and interpret it accordingly. The billback process is further complicated in many cases where the customer has generated a deduction for the claim against manufacturer product invoices. This creates additional manual effort by the manufacturer to reconcile the deduction against any associated billback claim that was also remitted to the distributor.

“What was once done with diverse and unique emails, faxes and confusing spreadsheets can now be done with a single integration between the distributor’s claim application and iTradeNetwork. From my perspective, iTradeNetwork did a great job on the roll out of its Enhanced Billback Solution, addressing all our concerns and helping us get better data faster.”

Brad Dowie Region Business Manager, Ocean Spray View the Case Study

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