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Fresh Inspection

Ensure consistent food quality with iTrade’s cutting-edge inspection analytics solution.

Food Quality Inspection Software, Built for Your Needs

80% of shoppers agree that quality of fresh produce is the single most important factor when choosing a grocery store (FMI 2018). And with perishables comprising over half of total grocery spending, having consistently fresh produce not only protects your brand, but also drives sales and customer retention. Staying competitive in the industry today means prioritizing quality assurance, yet many food quality inspections aren’t standardized across facilities. Some are still conducted on clipboards and ‘smart’ excel forms. iTrade’s food quality inspection software, iTradefresh, ensures consistent produce quality by standardizing and guiding inspection processes, automating notifications, providing clear issue and vendor insights, and helping buyers source and procure the best product available on the market.

Markets served
  • Growers & Shippers

  • Manufacturers

  • Logistics Providers

  • Distributors

  • Retailers

  • Operators


Standardize Inspections Across Your Organization

Many organizations’ food quality inspections aren’t the same from DC to DC. In many cases, inspection criteria is stored in dense manuals, making it difficult for different levels of inspectors to operate at the same speed and consistency. Standardize your inspection processes across different facilities and inspectors with simple workflows that guide inspection processes, using your organization’s own inspection criteria.


Quickly Act on Insights

iTradeFresh provides you with real-time analytics, alerts and notifications on product rejections so that you can make informed business decisions quickly.


Conduct Inbound and Field Inspections

• Automatically sync purchase order data to simplify workflows and increase efficiency when inspecting inbound product

• Send dispatches to inspect product you’ve ordered, before it has even left the field


Procure the Best Product on the Market

Compare receiving warehouses and rank vendors based on nearly a dozen distinct metrics with iTradefresh analytics.

Fresh made easy.

Establishing standard perishables inspection practices across an organization increases product quality, boosts customer satisfaction, and sets crystal clear expectations with suppliers. Only with the ability to analyze the outcomes of those practices are their benefits truly realized: reducing cost and eliminating waste from the perishables supply chain, informing procurement and sourcing decisions, understanding trends, and resolving perishable quality issues before they potentially reach the consumer. iTradefresh sets a new standard in each of these areas.