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Food Traceability Software

The Fastest, Most Precise Food Recall & Incident Management Solution in the Industry

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Protect Your Customers & Your Brand in Seconds, Not Days

Food safety is priority number one for retailers and suppliers. That’s why iTradeNetwork’s new, innovative incident management and food recall technology instantly and precisely identifies the exact product compromised, no labels required.

How Our Traceability Solution Works

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Receive immediate, automatic CDC and FDA incident alerts on contamination events through our early warning system.

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Instantly identify specific recalled products and remove them from the supply chain – pre-shipment, in-transit, and in-store.

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Take immediate remedial measures by issuing a recall within seconds to protect customers and save lives.

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Eliminate food waste, protect your brand and profit margins through the most powerful traceability solution in the industry.

Collaborative Recall & Incident Management

Our traceability solution allows retailers and suppliers to collaborate faster, with surgical precision, within seconds of an incident alert. Notifications are sent to suppliers and buyers at the same time, with the same data that pinpoints the exact location of contaminated products in the supply chain so they can be removed instantly — without the waste of time, money, and un-impacted goods.

Our Six Modules

Label-less Trace: System-level monitoring with machine learning for alerts, notifications, and food safety incident management for high-volume produce operations and/or lower risk commodities based on PO data, not labels

Protein Trace: System-level monitoring with machine learning for alerts, notifications, and food safety incident management for proteins based on PO-level information only

Transit: Associates Label or Item tags to Pallet ID through an ASN. Optimize slotting and inventory for fresher, safer, top-quality produce

Load: Real-time visibility into harvesting and packing operations optimizes cut-to-cool times and gets fresh product to consumers faster

Label (PTI): Track products at the case level from harvest through final delivery to ensure PTI compliance; Customized supplier labeling requirements

Item: Grow brand recognition and engage consumers directly at the shelf through farm-to-fork item-level visibility, marketing promotions, recipes, and more.

A Platform Built for Your Needs

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Simple activation for companies trading on the iTradeNetwork platform; no new technology or implementation required.


Our solution is the only traceability platform to offer both label-based and label-less capabilities.


From small farms to large enterprises, our platform is scalable for any size business.


Our solution works on any mobile device and operates both offline and online


Traceability is part of iTradeNetwork’s Order Management platforms, OMS & iTradeOrder