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iTradeNetwork Support Services Overview

iTradeNetwork is dedicated to providing you with the right level of support when you need it. Our Customer Experience team is trained on all of ITN’s products and is available to help you resolve all of your product related questions and issues.

All Solutions:

Your support inquiries are handled by the iTradeNetwork Customer Experience team. This team is available to you Monday – Friday, 6am – 5pm Pacific Time. All product/solution issues, questions, and requests for service including SSAE-18 reports and security questionnaires must be logged through the iTradeNetwork Community Portal: https://itradenetwork.force.com/customersupport/s/login. In addition to our Customer Experience team, you have access to our Product Knowledgebase, online videos, and online user guides to help answer your inquiries.

When logging a case through the Community Portal, it is important that you provide us with as much detail as possible. While you are able to set the priority of an issue, all response times are based on the severity level of the issue as defined in your Service Level Agreement. It is critical that the correct priority is set when creating a case, as setting the incorrect priority will reduce overall response times – If all cases are set to either Critical or High, the Customer Experience team will not be able to properly distinguish the most urgent issues. Please use the below as a guide when determining which priority level to set:

Priority LevelDefinition
Level 1 – CriticalCritical workflow or process impacted, unable to continue until issue is resolved. Issue is incredibly time sensitive and requires a response within 4 business hours. Issue cannot be solved internally, and no workaround exists.
Level 2 – HighImportant workflow or process held up until issue is resolved. Issue is time sensitive and requires a response within 8 business hours. Issue cannot be solved internally, and no reasonable workaround exists.
Level 3 – MediumWorkflow or process impacted where a workaround exists, or the issue resolution is not particularly time sensitive.
Level 4 – LowNo material impact on business, or the issue is not time sensitive.

We offer phone support for Severity Level 1 and Severity Level 2 emergency issues defined as: critical production issues causing system unavailability and production issues impacting systems operations where no reasonable workaround exists. Please refer to your service level agreement for additional information: https://www.itradenetwork.force.com/customersupport/s/login. The Service Level Agreement information can be found after logging into the Community Portal and clicking on the SLA menu at the top of the screen.

All Severity Level 1 and Severity Level 2 emergency issues must be reported by calling our emergency hotline at 925-660-1111. All issues that do not fall within the definition of a Severity Level 1 or Severity Level 2 issue, must be reported through the Community Portal.

iTrade excluding support holidays outlined here: https://www.itradenetwork.com/customer-support/

Severity LevelsDefinitions
Level 1 – CriticalCritical production issue affecting any Customer, causing system unavailability and/or data integrity issues; no workaround available.
Level 2 – UrgentProduction issue impacting system operations or significantly degrading performance. Issue is persistent and affects many Customers and/or major functionality. No reasonable work around is available.
Level 3 – MediumA limited non-critical problem that is occurring with the production system but most functionality remains usable. Short-term workaround is available, but not scalable.
Level 4 – Low/InquiryIncident that has a minimal impact on business operations or basic functionality of the service. An inquiry regarding a routine technical issue or information on application capabilities, navigation installation or configuration.

The iTradeNetwork Customer Experience Team has two distinct roles:

Customer Operations Analysts (COA):
This team is responsible for capturing all initial inquiries that come through to the Customer Experience team. They are subject matter experts across all iTradeNetwork products and act as the primary point of contact internally and externally for all issue types. They are responsible for system performance monitoring, initial diagnosis and resolutions of all reported issues or inquires.

Technical Application Engineers (TAE):
This team is responsible provides technical application and system expertise including front-end, back-end, and connectivity related issues. They field all application and system issues beyond the COA responsibilities, and can troubleshoot network, server, and database applications. The TAE team works on technical root cause analysis and can escalate to various teams within ITN’s organization.

The Customer Experience team is available to answer any specific product related questions, troubleshoot any potential issues, report any production issues to our development team, and capture any product enhancement requests you may have.
In addition to the Customer Experience team, all of our users have access to the iTradeNetwork Community Portal which contains our Knowledge Base that is full of helpful information and best practices.

Case Closure Policy:

iTradeNetwork will work closely with you and your team to respond and resolve all issues within a timely manner. The Customer Experience team will close your case under the following circumstances: upon case resolution, after reaching out on three separate occasions without a response, after a development ticket has been created with a future release date to resolve the issue, or in agreement with you to close the case.

Customer responsibilities:

If supported by the iTradeNetwork Solution, Customers are responsible for all application user management including adding/removing users, resetting passwords, and assigning relevant user permissions. Due to security concerns, the ITN Customer Experience team is not able to unlock an account when users have exceeded the limit of failed login attempts. Users should ensure they are using a supported browser when changing their password, for more information on user management, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

Customer Training:

Training is available through our user guides, knowledge base, and video library. You should receive all relevant training materials during your onboarding process.

Non-Standard Support Services

Custom development, custom reporting, or customer defined enhancement requests require a Statement of Work and are handled through our Professional Services team.