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5 Produce Costume Ideas for Halloween

It’s October, so we are in the middle of spooky season. Even though Halloween will be a lot different this year, we can still have a little fun. Here are 5 produce costume ideas that will certainly make you the cream of the crop at any virtual party.


1. An Ear of Corn


Corn: It’s in almost everything we eat and one of the staple grains of America. Last year, Americans grew 91.7 million acres of corn, the equivalent of about 69 million football fields. This corn was used for food, sugar, ethanol, and livestock food. Making a corn costume at home is easy! You’ll need a green jacket, a white or yellow shirt, and some yellow and white paper.


2. Bunch of Grapes


Grapes: Did you know that there are roughly 8,000 different varieties of grapes? And now you can be one of them. All you need is a green or purple dress or shirt, multiple green or purple balloons, safety pins, and a green hat (or headpiece).


3. Strawberry

Costumes 3-4-4

Strawberry: Want to be something a little sweeter for Halloween? Then the strawberry might be for you. For the strawberry costume, you’ll need a red shirt or dress, black paper, glue, and a green hat or headband. The average strawberry has 200 seeds, but you don’t need that many for a working costume.


4. Lettuce or Salad

Costumes 3-4-1

Salad: Lettuce tell you how much we like this costume! Simple and easy. You’ll need a t-shirt, multiple green colors of tissue paper, hot glue, and some paper to cut out your salad toppings.


5. Old-Fashioned Pumpkin


Pumpkin: It’s a produce item and a Halloween staple! You can’t go wrong with the classic pumpkin costume. Combine it with pumpkin bread, a pumpkin latte, and a pumpkin pasta and you’ll be almost 100% pumpkin! For this costume, you’ll need an orange shirt, black paper, and some glue (or safety pins). 


Regardless of what you wear, we at iTradeNetwork hope you have a safe and healthy holiday!

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