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iTradeNetwork June Update

Building Supply Chain Resilience

As the leader in food and beverage supply chain management for 20 years, iTradeNetwork is uniquely positioned to help you build supply chain resilience and thrive in any business climate. Here are some of the solutions being used to do just that by our 8,000 customers:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 11.34.11 AM

NEW! iTradeMarketplace: a new portal designed to help anyone in the supply chain identify available supply/demand anonymously, quickly establish new trading relationships, or even route products to food banks. In just the past month, iTradeMarketplace has seen more than 35,000 page views and over 400 users. Using this forum is completely free, and anyone can join. View a short 3-minute introduction here.iTradeOrder: our newest procurement solution streamlines order management and eliminates manual processes for buyers new to our industry-leading network. For new suppliers, it’s a great way to access the network and centralize fulfillment operations. See our quick explainer video here.iTracefresh: our full suite of traceability solutions. iTrade is building the world’s safest food supply chain with broad-scale, industry-wide traceability, and we’re offering suppliers free traceability for 1 year. See an informational sheet about our traceability offer here.Want to learn more about iTrade's solutions and how they can help you build a more robust and resilient supply chain? Click below to talk with one of our experts.

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iTradeMarketplace News

Our CEO, Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, recently spoke with FoodNavigator-USA about how iTradeMarketplace is uniquely situated in the industry to quickly and easily help companies strengthen their trading networks. Plus, check out Rhonda's LinkedIn page for two more articles—"Pivoting for Success: Resilience Over Reliance is Required to Protect Our Food Supply Chain" and "Black Swans, Business Continuity and a Look Ahead"—on what we are doing to help our customers build lasting supply chain resilience.

Keep a look out for further communications from us in the near future so you can be the first to take advantage of the new features coming to iTradeMarketplace, including a very exciting partnership coming soon.


iTradeNetwork IT Support Reminders

OMS Feature Update

New! Personalized Guidance and Help Built Just For You!

We're thrilled to announce an enhanced experience in the OMS/iTrade portal to help you get started faster, discover more value and find help when you need it. iTradeNetwork has partnered with WalkMe© to create a personalized guide for using the OMS/iTrade portal.Next time you're in the portal, look for our newest tip called “Cancel Line Item(s) in Shipping”. This new guidance will walk you through canceling item(s) completely from the purchase order in the Shipping module.Where will I see this new guidance?

  • When you log in, you will see a Need Assistance? bar at the top of the screen (see below). From there you will be able to see the new guidance (second screenshot).
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.16.13 PM
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.16.06 PM
  • Currently this feature is only available using Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browser.

We will be adding new WalkMe©-powered content monthly. So keep an eye out for new step-by-steps and feature announcements. If you have an idea for specific content you would like to see, please submit a support case and we'll be happy to consider it.

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