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Staying Ahead of the Storm Through Supply Chain Resilience

Food retailers are scrambling to adapt to the latest crisis to hit the industry: back-to-back snowstorms. Most of the country has been impacted by the severe weather, which has virtually shut down cities and states, not prepared for the onslaught of ice and snow. 

In many of the states who lack the infrastructure to deal with the relentless below-freezing temperatures and snow, food supplies are dwindling. Texas is experiencing the worst of it, with power issues and water shortages creating emergency situations.

Texas and other states have seen grocery stores have to either close or limit hours for safety reasons. For the stores that have been able to stay open, shelves are near-empty and supplies are running low, especially perishable goods.

While it can be impossible to predict crises like the ones that have disrupted supply chains for a year now, you can prepare and create a more resilient food supply chain. This can help limit the impacts of emergency situations, specifically when it comes to severe weather.

According to a recent article from Progressive Grocer, retailers need to turn to technology to prepare for severe weather purchasing trends. iTradeNetwork offers a variety of solutions that can keep your supply chain more resilient, thereby increasing trust with your customers. 

What do you need from technology to create supply chain resilience?  

  • A larger network of trading partners 
  • Visibility and control of the supply chain from field to store
  • Access to communicate with any trading partner in real-time on a centralized dashboard
  • Receive automatic alerts about any change or issue as it happens

iTradeNetwork has the solutions you need to cover all of your food supply chain management needs easily so you can stay ahead of any storm, keep your shelves stocked with essential items, and keep your customers safe.

If you are ready to take the first step in increasing your supply chain resiliency, contact us today.

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