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Welcoming Uber Freight to iTradeMarketplace

In the weeks since we launched our new iTradeMarketplace service, the hundreds of users participating and thousands of available connections have shown us a lot. Among these observations is that demand for essential goods has grown, directly affecting the shippers and carriers who are on the front lines of producing and delivering them.That's why iTrade is partnering with Uber Freight, providing iTradeMarketplace users with additional flexibility to build more resilient supply chains:

  • Access to capacity: Tap into an always-on network of 50K+ trusted carriers, available 24/7 nationwide.
  • Pricing transparency: Get instant quotes and book up to 14 days in advance to increase your spend effectiveness.
  • Actionable analytics: Review direct feedback from carriers and see metrics on all of your shipments in one place.

Get started or request more information with these two simple steps:

  1. Sign in or create an account on iTradeMarketplace here.
  2. To access Uber's post on the site, scroll halfway down the home page. You will also see it on the Shippers forum, which you can get to from the home page. Or click here to log in and get to the post directly.

Stay tuned as we introduce even more features to iTradeMarketplace and help add resilience to your supply chain.

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