Our Team

The iTrade management team embodies and cultivates our corporate culture, working hard on behalf on our customers as well as to help employees learn, grow and succeed.

Rhonda Bassett-Spiers

President and CEO

Rhonda joined iTradeNetwork as President and CEO in 2016. She has 25+ years of Silicon Valley technology company experience in financial services and supply chain solutions.

Rhonda is a passionate leader with a solid track record of transforming companies, pioneering innovation and driving growth.

Prior to iTradeNetwork, Rhonda was the COO of CashEdge, where she helped transform and grow the business and organized the 2011 Fiserv acquisition. She also held C-level positions at Fundtech and Control4, and was a board member at BigFix, where she helped to orchestrate its acquisition by IBM in 2009.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, she graduated from USF with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and completed the Executive MBA program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Rhonda is an avid surfer, and on the weekends, can be found in the chilly waters of the northern California coast or the warm water of Kauai on vacation. When asked about her favorite perishable food, Rhonda always answers, “cheese!”

Nathan Romney

Chief Product Officer

Nathan joined iTradeNetwork with a mission to modernize the fresh supply chain. As the Chief Product Officer, Nathan is responsible for the iTradeNetwork solution platform with an emphasis on user experience and customer-centric design. He isn’t afraid to roll-up his sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty details.

Prior to iTradeNetwork, Nathan was responsible for the SaaS infrastructure at Control4, the leading provider in home automation and consumer-connected homes. Having delivered for over 500,000 connected homes and millions of connected devices, he has valuable experience delivering highly scalable transaction platforms.

When Nathan isn’t in the office, you can find him at a baseball field or local community pool watching and cheering his children on in their sports and activities.

When asked about his favorite perishable food, Nathan always answers avocados, packed with good fats and fiber.

Rick Haggart

Chief Technology Officer

Rick comes to iTradeNetwork with more than 20 years of experience in executive and entrepreneurial roles, built on an in-depth understanding of emerging technology. He is passionate about working at the intersection of business and technology – applying innovative technology solutions to achieve transformative business outcomes. Before iTradeNetwork, Rick worked for Boeing, Accenture, PerfectPlaces.com, RedAwning and Virtana. 

As Chief Technology Officer, Rick’s goal is to build upon iTradeNetwork’s successful solutions and customer base to help dramatically improve efficiency, certainty and safety in the food supply chain. 

Rick graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

As a sports-lover, outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, Rick spends time hiking, skiing and traveling with his family. When asked about his favorite perishable food, he said he can’t resist blueberries.

Jeanette Pereira, CISA, CISSP

Chief Information Security Officer

Jeanette is a highly committed CISO, with 28 years’ experience in the software industry. She has an extensive background in corporate IT architecture, operations, security, compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Before she came to iTradeNetwork, Jeanette worked at Fiserv as their Sr. Director of Security and Compliance, ePayments, Banking and Aggregation.

Since joining iTradeNetwork in 2017, Jeanette has deployed state of the art security policies and processes and built business resilience and risk assessment plans.

Jeanette stays busy cooking, landscaping and walking for fun. Her favorite perishable foods are tomatoes and berries. She considers herbs to be a staple.

Brett Paduch

Senior Vice President, Finance

Brett joined iTradeNetwork in 2019. His prior experience includes public accounting, controllership, M&A diligence, and financial planning & analysis. Before joining the iTradeNetwork team, Brett worked at Roper Technologies.

He received his accounting degree from The Citadel and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Brett’s coworkers describe him as data-driven, analytical and collaborative.

On weekends, Brett loves to spend quality time with his family attempting to play golf. When asked about his favorite perishable food, Brett was quick to answer, “bananas!”

Rene Cardenas

Vice President, Strategic Planning

Rene joined iTradeNetwork in 2016 and is the team’s champion of strategic planning. He is responsible for the execution of ongoing initiatives within corporate strategy and business analysis across the organization. Prior to iTradeNetwork, he was Client Relationship Director at Fundtech/D+H.

Rene received an MBA from The Middlebury Institute of International Studies and a BA from Santa Clara University. He speaks Spanish and Italian and admires linguists Victor Vari, Hans Orberg and Lola Pons Rodriguez. In his free time, he is a hobbyist drone pilot, grape stake fence enthusiast, and release notes reader for obscure Excel formulas and PowerPoint commands.

Rene’s biggest life accomplishment is becoming a dad. He is a big fan of the phrase “listen before speaking,” which serves him well in his role as husband and father. His favorite perishable food (and one true weakness) is peanut butter.

Guy Hopkins

Vice President, Product Development

Guy became the iTradeNetwork VP of Product Development in 2017. He is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in senior software industry leadership roles, spanning enterprise architecture, development, delivery and operations. Since he joined, Guy has owned the development of iTradeNetwork’s flagship OMS, Spend, CaRMA and MDS offerings.

Before joining iTradeNetwork, he drove the introduction of operational processes for the newly introduced Platform as a Service (PaaS) product offerings within the Oracle Cloud.

Guy loves being outdoors, camping, skiing, golfing or traveling. His biggest accomplishment is traveling all the way around the world, which he has done twice.

When asked about his favorite perishable food, Guy always answers, “pork pie!” As he points out, this is also the answer to the question, “What British food can’t you get in the US?”

Claudia Fuentes

Senior Vice President, Head of People and Culture

Claudia has spent almost 20 years designing and implementing programs to recruit the best employees and retain them. Prior to iTradeNetwork, she spearheaded the successful growth of ISCS from 68 employees across three offices to 235 staff and five sites. She has a background in high-growth companies and is an advocate for effective talent management, team-building and executive coaching.

Claudia graduated from Golden Gate University with a Master of Science in Human Resources Management and a focus on Human Resources Development.

Claudia is very active in her free time, hiking and working out at every opportunity. When asked about her favorite perishable food, she couldn’t pick just one. Berries, eggplant and avocado made the top three.

Yonghui Zhang

Vice President, Application Development

Yonghui joined iTradeNetwork in 2017 and immediately made his mark by launching two cloud-based applications, iTradefresh and iTracefresh, in less than two years. His focus is driving continuous technological innovations in the food supply chain. Before iTradeNetwork, Yonghui worked at Fiserv as its Senior Director of Software Development, Electronic Payments. He earned his master’s degree in Information Management and Systems from University of California, Berkeley.

Yonghui is a lifelong learner who loves to hike in the Santa Cruz mountains with his family in his free time. When asked about his favorite perishable food, Yonghui said he considers Hami melon to be the best.