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Next-Level Traceability: A Live Solution Showcase Series

As we approach the third annual World Food Safety Day on June 7, we need to ask ourselves: How have we stepped up to solve the increasing industry issues in food safety management? 

Have you implemented enhanced traceability technology to gain the visibility you need in your supply chain? Have you started to create a food safety culture that focuses on new, improved practices and processes? What are your plans to increase food safety in the future?

The food and beverage industry cannot stall anymore about investing in the digital technology needed to transform traceability. The time is now to start enhancing food safety together.

The Urgent Need for New Solutions

Research reveals that food recalls have increased 30% over the past five years. Despite new government regulations and industry mandates, compliance varies and the technology that does exist just isn’t enough to close the gaps that keep our supply chains from coordinating and collaborating with speed and precision during recall alerts or other emergency situations.   

That’s why iTradeNetwork has been dedicated to cracking the code to instant, precise recall and incident management. And they have done it. 

iTrade has launched the industry’s only machine learning-based traceability technology that provides the most accurate, full-path view for buyers and suppliers during a food safety event, so they can coordinate immediately to locate and remove the impacted goods from the supply chain. 

“Traceability impacts not just that farm or just that distribution center; it affects everybody in the supply chain,” iTradeNetwork CEO, Rhonda Bassett-Spiers recently told Winsight Grocer. “Our newer [traceability solution] adds machine-learning capability so if there is a contamination event, we can pretty much trace where that food originated—the seal, the lot, and ensure that that food is pulled off the shelf.”  

Join Our Live Webinar Series

But that is just the beginning of what this breakthrough traceability technology can do. iTradeNetwork’s new traceability suite is so transformative that the company is hosting a 3-week live webinar series called: Next-Level Traceability: A Live Solution Showcase.

The event kicks-off on Wednesday, May 19 at 11 am PT/2 pm ET with: Transforming Traceability: The Urgent Need For Food Safety Solutions, a live webinar featuring iTradeNetwork CEO, Rhonda Bassett-Spiers. 

Register today to learn more about the importance of enhancing food safety now and how our new technology not only helps you transform traceability, but also your supply chain, profit margins, and customer loyalty.

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